CoQ10 Transparency in Your Hands

Found in almost every cell of the human body, CoQ10 delivers energy and antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals and chronic conditions caused by cell damage.

Taking CoQ10 supplements is an important part of health and wellness routines. But how much do you know about the CoQ10 brand you select? Is the label reliable? Does the manufacturer publish and share information with you about their formulation and manufacturing process?

The CoQ10 Association™ developed the proprietary CoQ10 Score to help consumers feel confident when making a CoQ10 selection.

Assay Score:
0-20% = 1pt;
21-50% = 2pt;
51-75% = 3pt;
76-90% = 4pt;
91%+ = 5pt

1pt for each item

Total score:
Assay + Transparency

Calculate the CoQ10 Score Here

Search over two hundred CoQ10 brands to see the CoQ10 Score immediately. The CoQ10 Score measures assay reliability and manufacturing transparency. In other words, the CoQ10 Score does the research for you and helps consumers understand if they can trust what’s on the label and, more importantly, what is in the bottle.

About CoQ10 Association™

CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10) as an ingredient is an important contributor to the dietary supplement industry. Education is obviously the key determinant for success of the dietary supplement industry and more specifically CoQ10 as an ingredient. To facilitate the responsible transparency of ingredient manufacturing and education of the benefits of CoQ10, the CoQ10 Association™ has been founded. The CoQ10 Association™ was founded to:

  • Bring structure and intention to CoQ10’s exponential market growth
  • Foster dialogue between leading CoQ10 industry members, healthcare professionals, and the public
  • Maintain superior quality and marketing standards
  • Cultivate clinical study opportunities